Why Small Businesses Invest with CAMWorks


Today, finding and training qualified Computer Numerical Control (CNC) machinists is growing increasingly difficult. In turn, forward-leaning businesses are leveraging automation to augment labor challenges and scale their operations.

At the same time, automation requires the right tools, software, and know-how to achieve optimal results. Additionally, larger operations producing high quantities of parts are in a better position to benefit from automatic band saws, pallet changers, and robotic arms than smaller, prototyping businesses. In either case, however, CAMWorks provides tangible benefits. By providing trainable AI that learns how to program parts, the CAMWorks software can perform the same functions as a seasoned programmer.

For Matt Moseman of DEVELOP LLC, Automatic Feature Recognition (AFR) within the CAMWorks software served as his first-ever employee. In turn, Matt trained the software, introducing it to the unique tools, machines, and brand identity of DEVELOP. Upon completion, AFR produced unmatched quality, precision, and attention-to-detail reminiscent of an experienced programmer, all leveraging an advanced TechDB. This innovative software is a testament to the efficiency and cost-effectiveness that automation technology can bring, especially to startups and growing small businesses that necessitate a lean cost structure.

Before building the manufacturing department at DEVELOP, Matt drew on his experience at Ringbrothers, an acclaimed car builder. There, he developed a passion for quality and detail, building the company’s internal product development and manufacturing capabilities. His decision to utilize CAMWorks at DEVELOP is based on his time at Ringbrothers. As the company grew, automation was pivotal to providing clients with uncompromising results at the fairest value possible.

From concept to completion, the right software integrations have yielded a faster go-to-market strategy. Whether it is designed using SOLIDWORKS, support via Hawk Ridge, or automation via CAMWorks, these technologies have streamlined the entire product development cycle, removed redundancies, and ensured precise results from start to finish. As an example, DEVELOP utilized existing SOLIDWORKS 3D files via a Model-Based Definition (MBD) approach, communicating with AFR to determine which tolerances might require special attention. This time-saving process can instantly update the entirety of your tool paths with a single click, enabling you to post the data to your shop floor without delay after an Engineering Change Order (ECO).

As you focus on your day-to-day operations, investing in your future growth and scalability is key. At DEVELOP, details, speed, and quality will continue to come first. As more machinery is added to support a growing client base, innovative software like CAMWorks is lending way to quantity without compromise. After DEVELOP added a second (human) employee to the CNC department, AFR conducted a significant portion of the training. In turn, the team as a whole can incrementally expand their production capacity with superior efficiency.

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