About Us

Established in 2014 by President Matt Moseman, DEVELOP LLC was founded on the ideals of supporting our manufacturing spaces with more dollars on the bottom line, exponential opportunities for growth, faster production lines, machine consistency, improving the work environment, tackling the labor shortage, and challenging the norms of automated machine integration with cutting edge innovation.

We are driven by a DFM (Design for Manufacturing) model at the core, constantly striving to leverage automated manufacturing to create the highest value product at the lowest cost.

We pride ourselves on taking ownership of your custom automation and hardware engineering.

We consider it our fiduciary responsibility to educate and train our customers, explain our decisions, and guide the technical details of your project to match or exceed your high level production targets.

We respect that your project is more than a piece of technology, it’s YOUR growth, YOUR capacity, YOUR stability, and YOUR business risk.

Agnostic Design: Quality Service

We think ignoring a better option for a customer to save ourselves money is a disservice to our customers. DEVELOP LLC has no exclusive contracts for parts, machines, software, or services.

Our elegant agnostic designs merge cost effectiveness, quality, and practicality to create machines and hardware capable of meeting YOUR needs.

We will even build requests from customers into the design if they have brand or component preferences.

Single Source: Vertically Integrated

When you invest in capital expenditure, you can’t afford to stake your business on a strategy that doesn’t aim for the best outcome. We stand by our single source guarantee.

Our vertically integrated staff supports uniformity of design and maximum quality for your project with a completely in-house development cycle. No shuffling leads, no juggling contractors, no opportunities for institutional memory loss.

The best intellectual property protection comes from keeping every stage of the integration under one roof. 

Our Services

Custom Automated Machine Integration
Turnkey Automated Machines

Machine Design
Linear Transfer Machines


Pick and Place
Packaging and Palletizing
Machine Tending

Hardware Design Services

PCB Layout
Semi Custom Hardware
Enclosure Design

PCB Assembly
CNC Machining

Partner With the Experts at DEVELOP LLC

Our industrial designers and mechanical engineers work together to deliver efficient, functional, cost-effective, and compliant end products that work as intended.

To get started, contact us today.