We take an agnostic premium service approach to your protocol selection. Our experienced team of hardware engineers, electrical engineers, and software engineers bring years of experience, signal mastery, and project mastery to your custom project. 


Do you need wireless communication to a system of IoT enabled machines or a network of direct connections between devices or peripherals? Our experienced team of hardware engineers and product integrators match elegance with practicality for your system’s communication strength. 


Whether you need proprietary protocols, region specific languages, semicustom solutions, or open-source firmware options, DEVELOP LLC will engage with you to determine the best protocols for supporting your success and scaling future growth. 


Whether your hardware is about managing the extremes of an electrical grid for an interconnected industrial complex or simply maximizing the longevity of your battery life, our electrical engineering specialists bring timepiece precision to the power needs of your project.


From simple blinking indicators, button press programmable logic controllers (PLCs), to digital IOS human machine interfaces (HMIs), we cover data acquisition and expression across a broad range of visual, interactive, and automatic control devices.


We take encryption, sensitivity, and security further for your hardware with our single source guarantee. The only people that see the signal specifications of your intellectual property besides our customers are our vertically integrated staff of professional engineers. We involve no third parties, we make no exclusive agreements, and we do not offshore any design aspects of your hardware.

Supported Protocols

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Our industrial designers and mechanical engineers work together to deliver efficient, functional, cost-effective, and compliant end products that work as intended.

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