VFS and AFS Accessories

Vacuum Fixture Plates for Datron M8, M10, MX - 500 x 500mm

Try our value workholding accessory packages. These workholding solutions facilitate fine workholding for tricky parts, custom fixturing, and vertical workholding.  


  • Base Plates: These two base plates provide additional fastening locations beyond the grid.  
  • Slide Clamps: These 4 Mitee-Bite slide clamps allow for boundlessly adjustable clamping. 


  • All the package items from the Good accessory package.  
  • 90 Degree Brackets: These two 90 Degree brackets allow for vertical surface fastening.


  • All the package items from the Better accessory package.  
  • Clamping Rail: A solid, fixed, square edge rail for maximum holding surface area.  
  • Fixed Rail: A five Mitee-Bite, solid clamping rail. Creates a two-piece vise when combined with the Clamping Rail. 

Additional VFS and AFS Accessories

Our accessories line started answering customer requests with machining ingenuity. Our line of products don’t just work with our Vacuum Fixture System and Automation Fixture System, they provide the workholding options of multiple CNC machines, vacuum chucks, and custom fixture plates without having to buy completely new systems.

Need additional parts? Need replacement parts? You can buy individual VFS and AFS accessory pieces here. You can also purchase accessory options outside of our traditional kits.

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