Machine Tending Robotics

Our experienced team creates custom machine tending robots because a standard, off-the-shelf option won’t sufficiently meet your needs.

  • Automatically insert raw materials into machinery
  • Robotic equipment emptying of completed components
  • Address labor turnover pain points
  • Greater machine uptime
  • Round-the-clock overnight robotic labor
  • Custom precision load programming
  • Reduced downtime
  • Reduced time and labor cost
  • Eliminate unsatisfying, high turnover tasks
  • Fill the workforce gap
  • Allow your employees to focus on more profitable endeavors

Benefits of Machine Tending

Machine tending robots provide:

  • Increased efficiency and throughput. Machine tending robots offer quick setup, don’t require breaks, and have unattended, lights-out manufacturing capabilities. They run cycle times at least a few seconds shorter per part than humans. This allows for higher productivity, greater throughput, and faster production cycles.
  • Repetitive task reduction. With continuous loading and unloading, machine tending tasks are very repetitive. Machine tending robots handle these jobs more efficiently, freeing your staff up for more satisfying, engaging work.
  • Cost savings and value-add. Increasing productivity while saving on operating costs. See a return on your investment within a few years. Carry out several tasks and secondary processes with reprogrammable tasks and run programs.
  • Ability to multitask. Own flexibility in an operation. Tend several machines simultaneously, loading and unloading components as needed. Cobots, or robots that work collaboratively with humans, can handle more than one process, such as sanding, polishing, and other secondary tasks.
  • Improved worker safety. Enhance safety in an operation by reducing worker interaction with a machine and the likelihood of human injury.

Machines We Tend Frequently

Our versatile robots tend to various machines, including:

  • CNC mills & lathes. Machine tending machines can load raw stock and unload completed parts while performing a series of post-processes as needed, like inspecting, cleaning, adhesive dispensing, and conveying to other machines.
  • Laser cutters. While machine tending, custom systems can package and inspect parts to reduce manual labor and handle post-cutting and engraving.
  • Injection molding machines. Common needs for injection molding machines are placing inserts into molds, gate cutting, pad printing, and packaging.

How to Deploy Machine Tending Robots With Develop LLC

We help you choose the right robot the first time.

  • We collaborate with you to determine your needs and the scope of your project
  • We design the unique tooling and machinery that your operation requires
  • We engineer the machine tending robot
  • We test in-house to verify the functionality before we ship it to you
  • Our team installs the robot into your existing systems for seamless integration
Machine Tending Robots From DEVELOP LLC

Our machine tending robots can extend production hours, reduce safety risks, and carry out processes faster and more precisely than humans.

Our team of engineers, manufacturing experts, and project managers is backed by nearly a decade of experience. We are a leader in robotic and automation integration solutions, providing design, engineering, and precision manufacturing services for cost-effective, high-quality equipment. We offer 360° coverage of your transition from machine ideation to final integration, backed by a proprietary, single-source guarantee.

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