Precision CNC Machining

We custom machine nonferrous plates.

  • Our vertically integrated team of project managers, mechanical engineers, and CNC machinists provide a single source guarantee 
  • Your parts, tools, and molds will be manufactured to print via our fixturing, programming, machining, and inspecting production processes. 
  • Single prototypes to high-volume production 
  • Where the flexibility and quality of custom micromachining meet the cost effectiveness and speed of fully automated CNC machining.

The DEVELOP LLC Difference

Plate machining or prototyping custom molds should not be about making your project fit the capabilities of a generic CNC machine.

  • Our shop utilizes exclusive high RPM CNC machining technology specific to machining parts out of plate. 
  • Focusing our services on plate machining under 2″ thick has allowed us to build a scalable system for high-precision micromachining features in plates for the aerospace, automation, injection modeling, low pressure over molding, electronics, optics, and other precise parts industries. 

Plate CNC Machining

Accept speed, customization, quality, consistency, and low cost as minimum commitments of CNC machining.

  • You deserve a CNC manufacturer that produces the same level of precision micromachining detail on a single prototype part as when they mass produce thousands of identical components.
  •  You deserve a CNC manufacturer with the technology to adapt to your project, not adapt your project to their machine. 
  • You deserve a CNC manufacturer capable of fine tuning a part, tool, or mold to the most sophisticated product requirements, then seamlessly transition to high volume production.
  • You want supply line control that only a local American CNC machine shop can provide.
  • You owe it to your business to seek a company that cost effectively machines your parts with exclusive flexible and automated processes.

Our engineers are not only CNC experts, our single source guarantee propagates a team experienced in the wide vision of applicable custom automation integration skills they apply as assets to CNC machining decisions in programming, machine tending, and high-volume applications.

Machining Capabilities

While working with a wide range of non-ferrous alloys, plastics, and aluminums, we precisely program and machine custom products. Our micromachining and high-speed milling processes deliver seamlessly crafted products with ultra-smooth finishes that are surgically clean.

Max Part Size (X,Y,Z)1000 x 500 x 50 mm39.3 x 19.6 x 2 in
Minimum Feature Size0.1 mm.004 in

Machining Materials

AluminumPlasticsRed Alloy
2024AcrylicCopper 101
6061PolycarbonateCopper C110
7050ABSCopper 145
7075Acetal (Delrin)Brass 260
MIC 6HDPEBrass 360
ATP 5NylonBrass 385
Others Upon RequestOthers Upon RequestOthers Upon Request

Our team offers best-in-class turnaround times and cost-effectiveness. For a complimentary quote, schedule a meeting with our dedicated team today