Semi Custom Hardware (NodeUDesign)

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Capitalize on your existing OEM hardware technology with our NodeUDesign (NUD) semi custom hardware design solution.

  • Customized for your communication protocols, outputs, and inputs that are already manufactured 
  • 80% reduction in development costs for firmware and hardware
  • A go-to-market schedule five times as fast compared to fully custom hardware
  • A range of modification opportunities for that remaining 20%
  • A standard/custom hybrid  useful in air, land, off-highway equipment control applications, and much more.

Our Custom Hardware Nodes

  • Plug and Play architecture
  • Harness the power of Python3 for control over program logic
  • Customized Python interpreter reduces integration time through peripheral programming and implementation
  • Single programming language for a combination of networking, scripting, and industrial automation control
  • Patented modular design, virtually endless options
  • One Brain managing eight peripherals offloads protocol parsing, digital signal processing, and other processing procedures.
  • Pre-configured modules, interfaces, communications, indicators, and I/O available
  • Compact size for easy install (Compare to alternate SCADA systems and PLC)

Why Use Our Semi-Custom Hardware Services?

We perform rapid prototyping and beta testing within our architecture for streamlined hardware production suited to your project’s requirements.

  • You want high-performance industrial hardware that integrates with your technology
  • You want to compete with competitors even if you don’t have the in house capability or capacity to generate custom hardware on your own. 
  • Prioritize efficiency, cost-effectiveness, bringing products to market more quickly. 
  • We support you with comprehensive design and manufacturing solutions for custom hardware that answers your operation’s challenges.
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Minimizing Risk with the DEVELOP LLC Development Team

1. Our team works closely with you to determine your requirements for both firmware and hardware.

2. Design and engineer custom firmware and hardware tailored to your specific needs.

3. Our team produces customized cases and branding.

4. Once the product design is tested and approved, we proceed with low-volume production.

Get Semi-Custom Hardware at DEVELOP LLC

If you require a semi-custom hardware solution for your application, our experts are here to help meet your unique needs. Over the years, we’ve assisted clients across various industries and established brands including Becks Hybrids, Lockheed Martin, Raymarine, and Rhotheta.

 For more information on our solutions and to begin your next project, contact us today.