Fraction of a millimeter micromachining doesn’t mean small volume, less customization, and limited capacity.

When you want next level micromachining capability, come to a company that dedicates itself to nonferrous plate machining, transfers exclusive high RPM micromachining capability to their customers, and puts the same no variance, surgical detail on single prototypes that it does on mass production.

We translate dimensional consistency into a finished project to bring you the minimal waste, high durability, efficient design, and cost savings required for long term custom micromachining product planning.

Prototyping and Mass Production

Our experienced team of design engineers, machinists, and project managers transcribe the geometric requirements, part needs, and scalable opportunity into your product design.

  • Exclusive German CNC spindle technology capable of 40,000 RPMs
  • No messy oils with our ethanol based coolant process
  • Cleaner cuts
  • Smoother finishes
  • Diminished runout
  • Higher concentricity
  • Shorter cycle times compared to competitors. 
  • Self-sterilization clean machining for medical, optical, and aerospace parts and components

We pass on the savings from our reduced energy costs, higher feed rates, expanded design flexibility, design library, connections with local American suppliers, and single source guarantee to your bottom line.

  • Maximum intellectual property security with our vertically integrated in-house concept evaluation, design, testing, prototyping, and delivery
  • A seamless transition to scalable production
  • Skip dealing with multiple 3rd party contracts, unreliable international suppliers, and inconsistent manufacturing quality.

When you need micromachined detail in your products, why settle for less than what DEVELOP LLC treats as minimum expectations?

Contact Us Today 

You can’t afford to pass up the opportunity to talk with our skilled team of project managers, machining engineers, and manufacturing specialists. Our wide view industrial automation integration background provides us with the level of authority you deserve when planning the next product line, the next stage of your manufacturing, and the growth potential of your next project.

You deserve CNC experts that adapt to your micromachining project rather than adapting your project to the limits of their general machine. Whether you need a single micromachined prototype or thousands of identical micrometer mass produced parts, our production floor can accommodate you. We live in lights out manufacturing, unattended production, variable cycle times, and high-volume production. Contact us today to learn how quickly we can meet your needs with nonferrous plate micromachining today!