PCB Assembly

We take our customers beyond simple prototyping to full scale high volume Printed Circuit Board Assembly (PCBA) production.

  • Quick and efficient turnaround
  • Fully automated assembly line
  • The reliability of local US manufacturing

Our PCB assembly capabilities enable your business to economically create prototypes and small batches alike, ensuring expedited deliveries with uncompromising quality, every time.

Single Source Guarantee: Intellectual Property Protection

  • Vertically integrated project managers, electrical engineers, and manufacturing experts 
  • Singular control of your PCB assembly security through design, testing, prototyping, assembly, mass production, and shipment in house 
  • Avoid the bottlenecks associated with overseas production and shipping delays. 
  • Sidestep the pitfalls common to 3rd party sourcing, multiple engineering shops, convoluted contracts, and inconsistent manufacturing PCB Assembly quality.

Our single source commitment to your products protects your competitive advantage from the points of vulnerability common to outsourcing proprietary knowledge to separate locations, different companies, and different producers. 

A Proud American Company

  • Delivers printed circuit board assemblies locally and internationally from the heartland of Verona, Wisconsin
  • Committed to nearshoring manufacturing capabilities in the United States
  • Encouraging manufacturers to bring their production back
  • Afford local startups the supply stability and cost effectiveness we give to our largest customers

We guarantee that when you want to talk to the designer, the electrical engineer, the mechanical engineer, the firmware engineer, your quality manager, or your project manager, you call one number.

Programming and Testing

  • Voltage level testing
  • Input/output buffering
  • Simulated performance
  • Stress limit testing
  • Elegant in-circuit compliance
  • Communications
  • Manual, and end to end testing including visual and completed assemblies
  • Custom test fixtures
  • Custom test racks
  • Custom automated testing software
  • Instructions, manuals, and documentation

We will guarantee that your board is function ready, stable for mass production, and consistent with your programming requirements.

Contact us today to discuss your product, your PCB Assembly needs, and our reputation for quality, speed, and cost-effective PCB assembly.