Vacuum Fixture Plates – General Sizes


Our General Vacuum Fixture Plates combine the staying power of conventional vacuum chuck with the versatility of a fixture plate system. They facilitate quick part change-outs and have a simple, low-profile setup making them a great solution for CNC machining, robotic automation or other manufacturing applications.

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Order with our Venturi Kit to complete your vacuum chuck system

Order with a VFS Accessory Kit to give yourself the workholding options of multiple types of machines.

VFS Accessories
You deserve to get premium versatility out of your Vacuum Fixture Plate System. Apply the workholding strengths of multiple machines to the same Vacuum Fixture Plate System with our modular Good/Better/Best VFS Accessory packages.

Good – For holding the smallest, non-symmetric, and difficult to hold parts, our base plates and slide clamps maximize anchoring, positioning, and custom workholding opportunities.

Better – Turn your Vacuum fixture Plate system into a 90º angle plate system by combining all the accessories from the Good package with our 90º Square Brackets. Allows vertical feature machining on the edge.

Best – Turn your Vacuum Fixture Plate system into a fixturing vise with our modular rail accessories. Create a soft jaw with our Fixed Rail and create clamping force across the part with our Clamping Rail. Combined with the accessories from the Good and Better accessory system, you can bring your machine tooling into a whole nother dimension.

General VFS Table Manual

VFS Fixturing User Manual

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