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Mechanical Engineering

Why Use DEVELOP LLC for Your Mechanical Engineering Needs?

DEVELOP LLC’s mechanical engineering services primarily serve the industrial market by creating mission-critical electronics that go inside automation, mining, and agricultural machinery, as well as off-highway equipment and more. Our industrial design-for-manufacturing (DFM) expertise allows us to create high-value designs optimized for cost and functionality. We’ll help you develop, prototype, manufacture, and test each device to verify operation.

Our Mechanical Engineering Service Offerings

We offer short-term engineering support as well as DFM and fixture expertise. The mechanical engineering services we offer include:

  • Design for manufacturing (DFM) 
  • Design for assembly (DFA)
  • Mechanical design
  • Engineering analysis
  • Fixturing and workholding design
  • Industrial product design 
  • CNC manufacturing product design
  • Machine design 
  • Industrial automation and equipment

Our Mechanical Engineering Process

Our mechanical engineers are part of our 360° approach at DEVELOP. As a vertically integrated operation, we assist you with turnkey solutions starting with design and prototype development processes to scale production and integration. Our process consists of the following steps:

  • Design. The design phase can include product ideation, research and development, mechanical design, and more. Rather than simply using SOLIDWORKS and assuming your design is feasible for manufacturing your product, our team emphasizes DFM and DFA to optimize it for your application and manufacturing needs, budget, and time frame.
  • Rapid prototyping. In this stage, we generate a prototype to provide proof of principle and/or concept models, testing the design’s suitability and the product’s functionality in its intended application. DEVELOP LLC will work with you to refine the design as needed until you’re satisfied.
  • Commercialization. This step consists of production planning — including materials research and procurement, the ideal manufacturing processes, DFM/DFA, assembly fixtures, metrology requirements, and more.
  • Testing and verification. In the testing stage, we have the capability to run a broad spectrum of verification, imaging, and related tests, in some cases incorporating robotic technology. These examinations may include tensile testing, drop testing, fixture design, thermal imaging, operation verification, and more.
  • Analysis. This final mechanical engineering phase consists of numerous possible evaluations, simulations, and analyses, including structural, thermal, optical, and/or finite element analysis. We’ll review all gathered data to ensure your design and product meet the necessary standards for performance and application.

In addition to mechanical engineering, we offer several value-added services to make sure our customers receive the best products from a single source. These include manufacturing, CNC machining, automation, and assembly.

Mechanical Engineering Expertise From DEVELOP LLC

Getting your industrial product to market in a timely manner hinges strongly on its manufacturability. At DEVELOP LLC, we deliver on our single-source guarantee by providing turnkey manufacturing, electrical, and software solutions in addition to our mechanical engineering services. Our industrial designers and mechanical engineers work together to deliver efficient, functional, cost-effective, and compliant end products that work as intended. Contact us today to discuss the ideal mechanical engineering solution for your unique project.

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