We support a wide range of products capable of upgrading your ability to fixture, workhold, machine products and simplify your automation integration. We support our automation customers with new, cost effective innovations. We’re always rolling out new solutions to customer problems.

Modular Robot System (MRS)

Our new Modular Robot System (MRS) puts the turnkey robotic automated capacity of powerhouse manufacturing corporations into a small size manufacturer budget.

  • User friendly software programming
  • Configurable design
  • Compatible with a variety of modular accessories capable of customizing your MRS for your specific automation needs
  • Compact lockable wheel cart design allows one person to move your cart between manufacturing lines, facilities, and activities

Vacuum Fixture System (VFS)

Our Vacuum Fixture Plates and accessories combine the staying power of conventional vacuum chucks with the versatility of a fixture plate system. These workholding solutions facilitate quick part change-outs, all with a simple, low-profile setup.  

  • Perfect for low-volume, high-mix manufacturing.  
  • Essential for fast prototyping and high speed machining.  
  • Facilitate quick part change-outs during machine tooling. 
  • A simple, low-profile modular workholding setup that can live on your machine. 
  • Compatible with Datron, Brother, Fanuc, Haas, and general CNC machine profiles. 
  • Customer requested, customer tested, customer approved. 

Automation Fixture System (AFS)

Fully modular, repeatable, multi robot compatible accessory plates. Swiftly swap out pick and place or machine tending cells.

  • Quickly adjust your automation test bench workholding for different parts and applications.  
  • Rapidly move and reassign your automation cell to another machine tending or low volume application.  
  • Switch back and forth between different repeatable workholding activities with decreased labor and downtime.  
  • Cycle out modular trays for different parts for cleaning, inspection, and post processing without shutting down your station or cell.  
  • Conicals in the fixture plate. 
  • Sizes and mounting options. 

AFS and VFS Accessories

Our accessories add the fixturing options of multiple machines to your Vacuum Fixture Plate System. 

  • Base Plates: Additional fastening locations beyond the grid.  
  • Slide Clamps:  Simplifies set ups for hard to hold parts, capable of vertical and horizontal mounting.  
  • 90 Degree Brackets: Vertical surface fastening.
  • Clamping Rail: A solid, fixed, square edge rail for maximum holding surface area.   
  • Fixed Rail: Creates a two-piece vise when combined with the Clamping Rail. 
  • Compatible with the VFS and AFS product lines. 

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