DEVELOP LLC Fosters the Next Generation of Engineers with Madison Area Technical College Field Study Program 

Raymond Natysin, MATC Student

The 2022 NACE Recruiting Benchmark’s Report recorded only 16.1% professional hires came from new college graduates. 91% of responding employers reported that they prefer their candidates have work experience. Marrying a solid pedigree of education with a sophisticated background of professional accomplishments can be a challenge for both the hirer and the hired. 

DEVELOP LLC partners with Madison Area Technical College’s Mechanical Design Technology program to give motivated engineering students hands on mechanical design training. The Field Study Experience course begins with real interviews with participating businesses and mutually beneficial placements. Companies get an opportunity to give a presentation on a panel to prospective students, a sort of reverse interview process. 

“This course intends to provide our students who are in their final semester with an experience in an engineering environment, to observe and participate where applicable in common daily task and activities related to the engineering & design discipline,” says Ryan Ubersox, Madison Area Technical College MDT Program Director. “Specifically, in this one credit course experience, a student will be introduced to technical skills related to your industry in addition to having the opportunity to practice core workforce and soft skills needed for employment.” 

Raymond Natysin, our most recent Field Study intern, discovered his passion for mechanical design after pivoting out of civil engineering and construction. When speaking about how he settled on Develop LLC, he remembered how President Matt Moseman made DEVELOP LLC stand out. “All the companies gave their five-minute pitch, and I was like, oh, DEVELOP sounds really cool, it really seemed like you guys don’t sit still and do one thing all of the time.” Raymond was able to dig into a variety of different engineering responsibilities ranging from making smaller jigs and fixtures, to his first professional engineering project. “Now, I’m looking to continue on after getting the mechanical design associates and get my bachelor’s in mechanical engineering.” 

Education is key 

DEVELOP LLC understands that by collaborating with our educators we can give back to our community and plant the seeds for future innovators. Our philosophy is to cultivate skills that do not just satisfy the requirements of their coursework, they satisfy the standards of our active team members.  

We are proud of our reputation for going beyond other automation integrators through in-depth client education. Whether we are working with a veteran industrial automation manufacturer or a small business navigating their first robotic integration, we provide you with the tools you need to for swift return on investment. Tell us more about your project, schedule a virtual meeting, or call (262)-622-6104 to learn more about how we can help you with your engineering project. 

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