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Adhesive Dispensing Systems

What Is Adhesive Curing & Dispensing Automation?

Using adhesives in manufacturing is a common method — sometimes the only method — for effectively joining parts to produce multi-component assemblies. Adhesives ultimately create a strong bond, but they first have to cure. Curing crystallizes the adhesive material as part of a chemical process that begins with a catalyst, and you have a few options for adhesive curing: UV curing, heat curing, or racked parts with time curing. 

Based on your preferred curing method, DEVELOP LLC can build the correct system for that application. We have experience providing comprehensive automation solutions for various adhesive dispensing and curing tasks. Automating these processes allows for greater efficiency and throughput while enhancing precision. 

We base machine specification on the volume and precision of what is being applied along with the correct size of the machine to meet your part and production volume requirements. Whatever your adhesive needs, our team will work with you to identify and implement a seamless automated adhesive dispensing and curing system for your operation.

Our Adhesive Dispensing Capabilities

DEVELOP LLC’s adhesive dispensing systems have capabilities for:

  • Applying primer. Our automated systems deliver consistent primer coverage along with high-performance adhesion.
  • Supplying compounds. We can automate metering valve supply applications for high- and low-viscosity adhesives, gasket compounds, and lubricants.
  • Dispensing lubricants. DEVELOP LLC robots can deposit substances like oil and grease in even the most difficult-to-reach cavities with superior precision and speed.
  • Bonding/sealing. Our machines can deposit adhesives in dot, bead, or spray form to substrate surfaces, effectively bonding components together or sealing seams.
  • Curing. We can automate the adhesive curing process to minimize the time period necessary to cure a product before it’s safe to handle.
  • Dispensing form-in-place gaskets (FIPGs). Enhancing seal quality while decreasing labor expenses, our systems can dispense liquid FIPGs on products with configurations too complex for standard gasket solutions.
  • Potting. DEVELOP LLC machines can uniformly apply potting materials for efficient product protection through encapsulation.

Benefits of Our Adhesive Dispensing System

As a leader in the market, DEVELOP LLC provides superior systems capable of the following benefits:

  • Repeatable, high-accuracy dispensing and depositing
  • High-precision positioning abilities
  • Improved cycle times for faster batches
  • Simple initial setup and programming
  • Operational savings on equipment, materials, and overall production expenses
  • Compatibility with diverse operations to fit seamlessly into existing manufacturing lines

Our Adhesive Dispensing System Development Process

At DEVELOP LLC, our process ensures a turnkey solution from start to finish. We begin by identifying the system’s intended application to best understand your requirements. Our team will then explore the project’s scope and the equipment necessary to address your needs. We’ll design and build the system based on your specifications, then test it for functionality and performance. Finally, we’ll integrate the verified system into your operation.

Automate Your Adhesive Application Processes With a Dispensing System From DEVELOP LLC

Adhesive dispensing systems apply adhesives, gaskets, lubricants, and surface coatings to workpieces with incredible accuracy and speed. They optimize the manufacturing process by eliminating errors and waste and can complete tasks that may not be possible for human workers. At DEVELOP LLC, we use a proven process to offer seamless, automated solutions that deliver speed, repeatability, and quality as part of a proprietary single-source, 360° integration.

To serve you with comprehensive, cost-effective capabilities that support growth in your business, DEVELOP LLC provides high-efficiency engineering services, manufacturing solutions, and automation integrations. Our project managers, manufacturing specialists, and engineers deliver high-efficiency automation to help you grow your business, allowing your staff to focus on what you do best. To learn more about our adhesive dispensing system capabilities, contact us today.

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