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Vacuum Fixture Plate Accessory Kits

Vacuum Fixture Plate Accessory Kits

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Full Description

Our accessories give you a variety of additional options to maximize the production potential of your Vacuum Fixture Plate. We offer three accessory packages to enhance your Vacuum Fixture Plate System.


-Base Plates: These two base plates provide additional fastening locations beyond the grid.
-Slide Clamps: These 4 Mitee-Bite slide clamps allow for boundlessly adjustable clamping. Simplifies sets ups for hard to hold parts, capable of vertical and horizontal mounting.


-All of the package items from the Good accessory package.
-90 Degree Brackets: These two 90 Degree brackets allow for vertical surface fastening, bringing your manufacturing options into a completely new dimension.

-All of the package items from the Better accessory package.
-Clamping Rail: A solid, fixed, square edge rail for maximum holding surface area.
-Fixed Rail: A five Mitee-Bite, solid clamping rail. Creates a two piece vise when combined with the Clamping Rail. Perfect for manufacturing projects spanning multiple baseplates.

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