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Automation Assessment

Virtual Opportunity Discussion

Schedule a free thirty-minute Virtual Opportunity discussion now to learn what you need to know before implementing new manufacturing technology. We will explain the risks, how best to implement those goals, and how a responsibly integrated custom automation solution can increase productivity, improve efficiency, boost revenue, augment safety, enhance quality, refine consistency, promote employee satisfaction, and reduce employee turnover.  

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Our Virtual Automation Project Assessment

At DEVELOP LLC we understand that smart decisions follow smart planning. We follow up on your opportunity discussion with a two-to-four-hour virtual client assessment focusing on a single project. We review budget, timelines, pictures, and video walkthroughs of your production floor, we evaluate your goals, process targets, and opportunities of your project all while educating you and your team about the possibilities that automation has to offer. We follow up with a scoped 3D CAD visual aid and project proposal designed to meet your targets, work with your workforce, and chart your growth. 

Our On-Site Automation Assessment

When you need a full and complete analysis of the many opportunities of your entire production facility, we leverage the knowledge from the complementary assessment to scope your automation opportunities companywide with boots on the ground. Every shift, part, and process gets examined. We tour your facility, collaborate with your business and manufacturing professionals, and transform that tacit knowledge into the design of the machine. We measure the concerns of the CEO against the ideals of machine operators and processing targets.  

  • We map low-risk high ROI options against a scatterplot of potential project options as compared to your budget, timelines, and goals. 
  • We assess your facility for your volume, tolerances, workforce integration, engineering lift, and throughput, and transform those targets into a 3D CAD prototype capable of swift ROI. 
  • We educate on your automation solution options, everything from what a pick and place robot is, to the comparative cycle times of a modular extrusion machine based on shifts, units, and bar length.  
  • We plan for training, workforce support, and complete integration into your processes. We customize our education for your preferred level of operational independence, from guiding for self-sufficiency to complete supplier management. 

At the end of the evaluation, we will have identified and documented opportunities for automation in your operation, educating you on the options and benefits to help you select the ideal system for your business. We will calculate your ROI based on the specific automation solutions you are interested in, and in a follow-up meeting, we will discuss our assessment and determine the next steps for design, build, and installation. Once we have your approval, the project creation stage will begin. 

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