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Modular Linear Transfer Machines

Why a Modular Linear Transfer Machine: Unbeatable Advantages

We build linear extrusion, linear transfer, and modular machines because they support low-mix high-volume businesses better than any other automated solution. They offer:

  • Speed: A linear transfer machine turns raw extruded materials into finished products with speeds that far outstrip robotic arms or assembly lines with unmatched consistency, quality, and turnkey efficiency. Each module acts as its own stop on the assembly line but with machine quickness. Using sequential processing, every individual manufacturing action happens at the same time, limiting your cycle speed to the longest cycle time of your part, rather than cumulative assembly generation stages. 
  • Scalability: Modularity is built into the design of the machine. DEVELOP LLC creates the custom specifications required by your project and supports swift creation of your linear transfer machine with a deep library of module designs. We do not just plan these machines around today’s project, we plan for the addition of more modules, the extension of the extrusion line, and the function-ready addition of further modular linear transfer machines as you grow.
  • Return on Investment: Any integrator can use ROI to justify the costs, but we will additionally educate on how the demonstrably better throughput, lower floor plan footprint, and increased production capacity open you to opportunities for increased sales, company growth, and worker advancement opportunities. 
  • Workforce Support: We guarantee a professionally integrated modular linear transfer machine will translate a better work environment, safer work conditions, and training opportunities into workforce retention and job satisfaction. 
  • Education: We pride ourselves on our reputation for educating beyond our competitors. We teach for machine mastery, operational perfection, and the ability to self-service and self-train.  

Clean Material Processing

DEVELOP LLC has grown from its early days exclusively machining nonferrous extrusions. We can accommodate small-plate part machining and extrusion transfer material processing of larger stock with a maximum completed part size of 4 x 4 x 1. In addition to our machining solutions, our team also handles electrical component assembly and testing. We specialize in the following materials:

  • Nonferrous metals: Aluminum, Copper, and Brass alloys.
  • Plastics: Polypropylene (PP), Polycarbonate (PC), Acetal (POM), and Acrylics (PMMA).

Our Machine Design and Build Process

We believe that adaptation to third-party products takes time, money, and focus away from arming the apex potential of your design. Our vertically integrated design team allows maximum control over every step of prototyping from mechanical engineering and electrical engineering to software development. When you invest in your business, it is your fiduciary responsibility to choose a flexible integrator that plans for longevity and growth with a singular vision.

Whether you need fully custom or semi-custom design, DEVELOP LLC can accommodate swift, efficient, and cost-effective automated integrations from beginning to end with:

  • Automation Assessment: Our manufacturing experts assess your production processes, your available space, your workforce, your goals, and opportunities for growth. We collaborate with your team on the requirements of your project and take ownership of the technical execution.
  • Modularity: We marry the requirements for a custom design with our vast library of modular prototypes to cut costs and simplify timelines. We scope designs for accessible maintenance, off-the-shelf parts, and turnkey operation. 
  • Support Planning: We direct the design profile toward business-specific training, engagement, and workforce integration. We make sure that our designs improve the work environment, support new operators, and fuel company-wide support.
  • On-time Delivery: We anticipate and mitigate part procurement bottlenecks with keenly outlined supply chain management from multiple suppliers. 
  • Gated Scope of Work: We present a 3D CAD prototype with calculated targets for parts, throughput, construction stages, and definitions of success and failure. We incentivize progress, disincentivize scope bloat, and keep schedule delivery on track with gated fund releases.
  • Design to Integration: In-house testing, construction, collaboration, and assembly deliver a custom design that not only improves your production processes, but lays the foundation for future growth, future machines, and a higher level of market competition. 

The DEVELOP LLC Difference

At DEVELOP LLC, we commit ourselves to understand your business, understanding your targets, and translating those precision requirements into custom automated solutions. Our custom integrations cannot be beaten for low-mix high-volume manufacturing needs. Stop considering which machine, which robot, and which technology to select, and start demanding what you can imagine. Let our project managers, software engineers, and manufacturing experts guide you to the next level of your production with our single-source guarantee.  

Contact us today to schedule your automation assessment and learn how an integrated modular linear transfer machine can bring you to a higher level of competition.

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