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PCB Layout

At DEVELOP LLC, our experienced electrical engineers, projects managers, and printed circuit board designers realize the cross-team collaboration needed to elevate your hardware schematic capture into a fabricated prototype. We combine consistent communication with stakeholders, the targets of the prototype, real world Bill of Materials (BOM) estimates, mode failure mitigation, dedication to early accuracy, and vertically integrated support for testing and quality control. We take even the most custom PCB requirements to quick and low-cost fabrication by employing a deep library of proof-of-concept schematic part designs.

Modular Design

We create our modular hardware designs for easy replacement, low-cost options, design feasibility, and longevity. To keep your signal and power strength consistent and uninterrupted we elegantly place your parts, circuitry, and connectors to avoid incorrect footprints, overlapping components, board spacing conflicts, poor pin to pad geometry, flawed soldering apertures, electromagnetic interference (EMI), electromagnetic compatibility (EMC), and incongruity in the final design. We assume ownership of thermal mitigation, power simulation, signal integrity, and final assembly build. Our modular PCB layouts mitigate obsolescence, allowing smart replacement of parts, connectors, and power sources rather than starting your hardware layout from scratch. We anticipate how your PCB layout will interact with the box build for the enclosure and how to scale up from enclosure design for manufacturing. 

Electrical Engineering

PCB Assembly

Single Source Guarantee: Quality and Intellectual Property Protection

DEVELOP LLC believes that the best PCB Layout outcome derives itself from a single source, fully integrated build team. As a Verona Wisconsin concept to build integrator, we sidestep the headaches dealing with international suppliers, prevent sharing intellectual property information with third party manufacturers, and defy the homogenized hardware manufacturing practices of Silicon Valley. Our design team chooses an agnostic PCB layout philosophy only beholden to merging cost effectiveness with effective technology and making our customer’s lives easier 

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