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ROI Calculator

ROI Calculator


DEVELOP LLC’s ROI Calculator: Justify Cost, Seek Opportunity

“The best utilized capital is typically tied up for years before you see a significant return. Think of how long it takes to see a significant return on your house, your stocks, your business.”

-Matt Moseman, President of DEVELOP LLC

Justifying capital expense to your business with a swift return on investment is critical to any automated industrial machine integration, but we want to take you beyond cost containment, beyond the bare justification of costs, and beyond the present-day assumptions derived from today’s business potential. At DEVELOP LLC we want our customers to succeed. We want our customers to see their automation integration as the stepping stone to business growth, increased profit, capacity for new sales and customers, and a higher level of competition. We want you to think less of accomplishing integration of a machine with ROI years away and think about how to leverage the immediate benefits of a production capacity capable of increased quality, efficiency, safety, consistency, throughput, profit, safety, employee retention, and employee satisfaction after that machine is integrated onto your production floor.

Try out our ROI calculator today to see how you can justify the return on that capital expenditure, translate those savings into growth, and scale your business potential with DEVELOP LLC.

Standard ROI

How soon can you reach your return on investment? Try our downloadable Standard ROI tool! We compare the costs of labor involved with your manual manufacturing to the labor displacement costs and increased revenue brought to your business by your automated solution. Take your quote and discover how many years or months it takes to recoup the capital expenditure and permanently realize higher profits.

Reverse ROI

Standard return on investment is not always the best metric for scoping your project. How do you know whether spending more achieves a faster ROI? How can you tell how much you should spend to reach ROI under a specific time frame?

Try our revolutionary downloadable Reverse ROI Tool! Set your target years to ROI, input the cost of labor versus the labor savings and revenue increases available after automating your process, and see realistic budget projections of your integrated machine.

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