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Embedded Software & Firmware Engineering

Embedded Software & Firmware Engineering Process

When we develop software, our team focuses on designs that will work well with the hardware for optimal compatibility and connectivity. A successful product requires a coalescence of hardware and software for a user-friendly and error-free product. 

Our customers come to us for complete project solutions, including electrical and software engineering. We’ll work closely with you to first define your software requirements and project needs. We’ll next develop the initial architecture, utilizing algorithm theory, flow diagrams, and Unified Modeling Language (UML) diagrams. DEVELOP LLC specializes in C++ for embedded systems as it enables enhanced architecture development with easily maintainable code. Our team implements the software and then conducts rigorous internal testing and verifications. We also have capabilities for software certifications and external testing, upon request.

Platforms for Embedded Software & Firmware Engineering

DEVELOP LLC utilizes an array of integrated development environments (IDEs), related platforms, and debuggers to ensure the best product possible. The following effectively produce, compile, and test software and firmware for our clients:

  • Eclipse IDE (w/ custom build environments)
  • STM32Cube IDE
  • Segger JLink Debugger
  • Others

We can set up and develop on any build environment to meet your specific needs. One common example is IAR Keil. Our team can also support the majority of advanced RISC machine (ARM) microcontrollers and processors. We can even support the lowest power and cost microcontrollers like PIC and ATMEL.

Why Choose DEVELOP LLC for Embedded Software & Firmware Engineering Solutions?

While many embedded software and firmware developers view each project as a separate coding piece, DEVELOP LLC instead maintains a code library. Our approach allows us to continuously build on our past experience and leverage existing code in new projects. We use RTOS, a microcontroller real-time operating system, to facilitate device programming and connections. RTOS is a specific RTOS that’s available for us to use, but we can also roll out our own should there be a need for your unique project. 

The library and reuse — or the “copy-paste” method — reduces the time of development and allows us to use pre-written and -tested code with minor changes for the specific application. Regarding testing, we incorporate firmware programming and testing into our manufacturing process to ensure that every device is ready for end-use prior to shipment. Our team can also build test fixtures to automate testing processes. 

A system’s safety is every bit as important as its performance, so DEVELOP LLC targets both DO-178 and Misra C requirements depending upon the degree of safety integration and certifications that your application requires.

Partner With the Experts at DEVELOP LLC

Optimal device operation ensures a simple and seamless user experience, but not every manufacturer can write code or has the programming background to develop the corresponding hardware. DEVELOP LLC’s in-house embedded software and firmware engineering capabilities, along with our coding library and extensive technological background, allow us to deliver quick solutions to bring even the most challenging industrial devices to market sooner. 

From product development to production, the DEVELOP team will turn your design into a reality with high-quality end products, innovative customizations, and cost-effective solutions. Contact us today to learn more.

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