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Semi Custom Hardware (NodeUDesign)

When you partner with DEVELOP LLC, your business can capitalize on existing OEM hardware solutions like communication protocols, outputs, and inputs that are already manufactured resulting in approximately 80% of most custom hardware solutions being complete. For the remaining 20%, we offer a range of modification opportunities, developing semi-custom software, firmware, and hardware built to satisfy your individual application within your budget.

Semi-custom hardware is ideal for automation equipment OEMs, clients who only require small production runs, and those needing scalable production but simultaneously must expedite proof of market. Our clients see up to an 80% reduction in development costs for firmware and hardware, with a go-to-market schedule five times as fast compared to fully custom hardware. This accelerated, economical approach to hardware that’s a standard/custom hybrid is useful in air, land, and off-highway equipment control applications, and much more.

Our Custom Hardware Nodes

The node-based stack that DEVELOP LLC uses for semi-custom hardware incorporates NodeUDesign (NUD), an optimal solution for various automation challenges. This node leverages a Plug and Play architecture to harness the significant power of Python3 for superior control over program logic. Utilizing a customized Python interpreter, the NUD is capable of reducing integration time through peripheral programming and implementation. What makes NUD so efficient is its use of a single programming language, a combination of networking, scripting, and industrial automation control.

NUD offers flexibility through its patented modular design, enabling virtually endless options for NUD configurations to create the best combination for your functionality requirements and budget. You can manage as many as eight NUD Peripherals — each with its own microcontroller — using a single NUD Brain. The Brain can subsequently offload protocol parsing, digital signal processing, and other intricate types of processing procedures. 

Innovative node-based stacks offer a high degree of customizability. You can choose from various pre-configured modules, interfaces, communications, indicators, and I/O as part of the node’s architecture, all without sacrificing scalability opportunities down the line. NUDs also offer ease of installation due to their compact size, a design advantage over alternate SCADA systems and PLCs.

Why Use Our Semi-Custom Hardware Services?

Clients come to us because they’re looking for high-performance industrial hardware but don’t have the capability or capacity to generate it on their own. DEVELOP LLC will support you with comprehensive design and manufacturing solutions for custom hardware that’s the ideal answer to your operation’s challenges. We like to say that we think inside the box with our semi-custom hardware, focusing on efficiency and cost-effectiveness for bringing products to market more quickly. Beyond design, we also support full, custom production, as needed.

At DEVELOP, we offer supreme efficiency because we don’t have to create an entirely new solution from the ground up. We have extensive experience delivering innovative hardware, and by working with existing components and technology, we’re able to expedite our process while still incorporating a high degree of customization into your goods. We perform rapid prototyping and beta testing within our architecture for streamlined hardware production suited to your particular project’s requirements.

Our Custom Hardware Development Process

For each project we take on, DEVELOP LLC uses a proven process to achieve the ideal solution, helping bring your goods to market faster by minimizing risks in the development stages. Our process is as follows:

  1. Our team works closely with you to determine your requirements for both firmware and hardware.
  2. DEVELOP designs and engineers custom firmware and hardware tailored to your specific needs.
  3. Our team produces customized cases and branding.
  4. Once the product design is tested and approved, we proceed with low-volume production.

Get Semi-Custom Hardware at DEVELOP LLC

If you require a semi-custom hardware solution for your application, the experts at DEVELOP LLC are here to help meet your unique needs. Over the years, we’ve assisted clients across various industries, including established brands such as Becks Hybrids, Lockheed Martin, Raymarine, and Rhotheta.


For more information on our solutions and to begin your next project with DEVELOP LLC, contact us today.

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