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Pick & Place Robotics

How Pick & Place Robots Work

There are numerous types of pick-and-place robots available, but in general, these systems automate processes for faster production without sacrificing accuracy. These robotics solutions use tools like robotic arms to pick up products from one conveyor, assemble it with similar components if needed, and put it down in a value-adding orientation or in the form of packaging to prepare for shipment. 

You can adhere the base of these robots to either your facility floor or an overhead frame, depending upon the necessary placement to best integrate into your existing equipment. Using an advanced visual system incorporating technologies like AI, a robot completes inspections covering its work envelope or the space in which it functions. The visual analysis will search for preset factors like shape, dimensions, etc., collecting data to determine if a part is acceptable, or if it is flawed and requires rejection.

Types of Pick & Place Robots

DEVELOP LLC offers a selection of pick-and-place robotic solutions for:

  • Cobots: Collaborative robots that perform operations in concert with the human workforce, aiding staff for efficient task completion
  • Robotic arms: Prevalent pick and place robots with 5- and 6-axis variations (depending upon operation complexity) for moving parts or turning assembly components
  • Delta robots: Multi-axis robots equipped with arms and visual inspection capabilities to pick and place components based on size, shape, and other identifying factors
  • Cartesian robots: Robots that operate along X, Y, and Z axes for precise 3D movement
  • SCARA (selective compliance articulated robot arm) robots: High-accuracy machines that utilize fixed, rotary robotic arms for enhanced speed, optimal freedom of movement along the X and Y axes, and repeatability in pick and place tasks
  • Palletizing robots: Compact pick and place robots that can palletize packaged goods to prepare them for order fulfillment

Advantages of Our Pick & Place Integration Services

Pick and place integrations from DEVELOP LLC are designed to increase efficiency, quality, and overall throughput in your operation. Robots are capable of a high degree of precision, reducing the chance of human error through dependable, autonomous processes. Utilizing high-speed automation systems will boost your product handling and processing output with accurate, uniform production.

Our robotic systems can use vision system technology, incorporating AI or 3D advancements for greater quality control. Robotic solutions also allow you to choose the system that best fits your facility space and works with your necessary load capacities. Workers benefit as well, as repetitive pick-and-place tasks are not only tedious but can also put stress on the body. Robots take over these less desirable jobs and assist in providing better ergonomics for staff. Should you experience labor shortages, robotics can supplement the human workforce, lowering labor expenditures.

Applications for Pick & Place Robots

In industries such as automotive, consumer goods, general manufacturing, and food and beverage, our robotic integrations can facilitate pick and place tasks in:

  • Assembly work. From an upstream conveyor, our pick and place robot integrations will lift parts, quickly and effectively join them into a multi-part precision assembly, and transfer the assembled components to a downstream conveyor.
  • Quality assurance tasks. Equipped with visual inspection capabilities, our pick-and-place systems can identify any flawed parts so that only high-quality products will reach your customers.
  • Packing/kitting tasks. Picking completed components or products from a conveyor, our robot integrations will carefully place these items into designated containers, readying them for shipment. Our systems also have the capability to kit products by incorporating multiple components into a single package.

Our Pick & Place Robotic Creation Process

At DEVELOP LLC, our process allows us to deliver a turnkey solution for your pick-and-place robotics project. We begin by scoping your equipment requirements and application needs. Based on that initial evaluation, our team designs tooling and machinery tailored to your specifications. From the approved design, we’ll then build your pick-and-place robot integration, test it in-house, and ship the complete system to your location. Our team will take care of on-site robotic integration at your facility.

Pick & Place Robotics From DEVELOP LLC

Pick-and-place robots offer an exceptional return on investment in high-volume operations. They can facilitate growth in a business challenged by labor shortages or repetitive tasks. Automation allows your business to scale up and lets your staff concentrate on other aspects of production. 

At DEVELOP LLC, our team listens to your challenges and assesses your automation needs so that we can deliver the ideal robotic integration solution to add value to your operation. Contact us to learn more about our offerings.

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